Recommended Suppliers & Venues

Below is a recommended list of suppliers and Venues I have worked with or photographed at. Whilst these recommendations are based on my own personal experiences I would always recommend researching any supplier or venue for up to date reviews, client testimonials and products and services offered.

Sylar – Psychological Magician, Actor and Evil Genius HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Sylar Wedding Magician

Wedding Venues

The venues below, from my experience have always offered exceptional service. Venue staff have been professional, supportive and complimentary in every way.

Harrowden Hall – Wellingborough

Harrowden Hall Wedding Venue

The Sculpture Gallery – Woburn Abbey

Sculpture Gallery Woburn Wedding Venue

Brynne Vneyards – Northampton

Brynne Vineyards Wedding Venue

The Barns at Hunsbury Hill – Northampton

Hunsbury Hill Northampton Wedding Venue

Barton Hall – Kettering

Barton Hall Wedding Venue Kettering