About Sean

Firstly, thank you for stopping by my website and taking the time the click the about link, I guess this is where it get personal and I tell you all about me.

I first got into photography back in 2001, I started with a small digital camera and traveled to various events around the country taking photos of me and my friends and uploading them to a popular social media website. Soon after I was asked to contribute as a pro photographer so I invested in some better equipment and the journey continued.

I photographed my first wedding in 2009 and haven’t stopped since, being a wedding photographer is an incredible privilege and passion of mine. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people, many of whom have remained friends. I have worked in some fantastic venues throughout the country and even taken a ride in helicopter.

My style is all my own, original and fun. I have crafted this through years of experimentation and I am humbled that people now ask me to photograph their most special moments.

I’m not one of those bossy photographers you see ordering people around with a military style list of ‘must have’ images. I take a much more personal approach to photographing weddings. I blend in and become one of the guests to capture the most authentic and memorable photos possible, then I set a few styled shoots up and we create some magic together.

As a photographer, nothing means more to me that seeing how happy the couples I work with are with their photos and my service. I have worked hard and feel proud of achieving a consistent 5 star reputation and continue to pursue the very highest standards to maintain this.

Below are some interesting (and random) facts about me:

The short version of my life in 10 bullet points...

1. I Have been lucky enough to travel the world and enjoy all the adventure that comes with it.

2. I have worked in IT, Sales, Iceland (the food store), Travel & Tourism and Teaching (which I still do).

3. I have skydived and bungee jumped 3 times.

4. Hobbies include, running, reading, rock climbing and relaxing.

5. I once volunteered in Malaysia for a forward thinking recycling initiative and DJ’d at a festival there.

6. My favourite countries are Indonesia & New Zealand.

7. My favourite film is Intersteller (closely followed by Inception).

8. I once learnt to ski whilst working at a ski resort and survived.

9. I am genuinely phobia free.

10. I once took a bus from Toronto to Las Vegas (54 hours) because I didnt want to miss out on the scenery.